Gamescom Day 2 Update

Gamescom day one was a little much to handle, but Gamescom day two has almost just as much new information. Battleborn: They are calling it the best game at Gamescom. From the creators of Borderlands comes an all new third person RPG action and

Gamescom 2015 Update

Gamescom had over 400,000 people this year and most of them spent time at the Xbox booth. Why? Because they have what they are calling the greatest lineup ever for Xbox One. We got to see world premieres, like Halo Wars 2, gameplay of

5 Ways Xbox More Attractive Now

Xbox and Playstation have been in a dogfight for a long time, and this time around, its their largest one yet. With Sony cruising past 25 Million copies sold, Microsoft needed to step up and make more people want to buy the Xbox One,


Are you guys ready for Gamescom? Xboxs own Major Nelson and some other guy are hosting a live stream on Xbox one during the entire event. Aren’t you wondering what will be premiered? The hype is real for Gamescom 2015, but can everyone deliver

The Witcher and Gears of War

To kick off this week, we will start with the new Witcher update which affected frame rates across systems and impacted many gamers around the world. If you want to see a video on how each system was affected click the link at the

Windows 10 On Xbox One

The Windows 10 update impacts Xbox users heavily. It doesn’t even matter if you have a windows pc, it still impacts you. The One itself will get a new, rich user interface due to the update. It will have a much cleaner look and

Free Gold Games August

July was the month where Xbox stepped up their game, by having two free games for Gold members instead of one. Last month they started it off with Assassins Creed IV Black Flag and So Many Me. This months free games will be starting

Why Xbox?(In Depth)

This article will be to further dive into the main reasons to buy an Xbox One. I can’t stress enough the free games with gold every month along with the great deals. You will get two free games, one most likely an Indie and