Halo 2 Anniversary Impressive Release Trailer

Developer 343 Industries has revealed the release trailer for its upcoming Halo 2 Anniversary. Created by cinematics specialist Blur Studios, this new trailer displays many outstanding scenes from the upcoming remaster, adding the Gravemind in all its “tentacle-y” glory. Halo 2 Anniversary is part

Xbox One Receives A 50$ Price Cut

Microsoft has revealed that the Xbox One has been given another temporary price cut of 50$ for the holidays. This seems to be another war against Sony movement. Now that the Xbox One is cheaper than the PlayStation 4, consumers (and family members trying

Design your Own Xbox One Background

After Microsoft revealed that players could have custom backgrounds for their Xbox Ones as a part of the November update, director of programming at Xbox, Larry Hryb AKA “Major Nelson,” has announced how you can do that before the November update releases. Those who

Another Twitch Update

This is an update on my Twitch channel, eyeheartlovetap. I usually talk about new games and do commentary on them, but this will be changing a little bit. I plan to stream every weekend that I can with my friend. I’m going to force