August Games For Gold Games

The games for gold games have been announced, and they aren’t looking great. For Xbox One we have Crimson Dragon, and Strike Suit Zero: DX. Both games are normally 20$, which begs the question, why can’t we get 1001 Spikes, or Outlast? 1001 Spikes

All About The Destiny Beta

The Destiny beta closes tonight, and I’d like to go over my experience with the beta along with the experience of the others around me. Destiny was great on 360. Obviously the graphics weren’t as nice on the Xbox One, but the 360 version

Dragon Age: Inquisition Delayed!

EA has revealed that both Dragon Age: Inquisition and Battlefield: Hardline are being delayed. Dragon Age, however, has only been pushed back a month, leaving the release date at November 18th. The lead developer also tells us to worry not, the delay is for

Xbox One August Update Details

A large amount of information was revealed about the new update coming for Xbox One in August, and it’s looking like one of the biggest ones yet that aren’t just bug fixes. Finally we receive something I thought was vital from the beginning. Your

New Announcement!

Hello, I’m here to announce that I’ll be streaming the Xbox One game of the month every month (when available) from here on out at My Twitch channel right here. And that’s it, really. If you’d like an inside look at the game, I’ll