Why Notch Left Mojang

This is going to be an article completely about Notch, or Markus Person. Notch did not leave because of Microsoft. Notch did not leave because he felt he was fleeing a sinking ship. Notch was trying to preserve his own sanity. Notch was actually

Bungie Sends Day 2 Update For Destiny

Bungie’s Day Two Update For Destiny Destiny may have only released their shelf baring game Destiny yesterday, but it shouldn’t be a surprise at all that they have updated their game already. What the update contains is what is most shocking to me, in

Forza Horizon 2 Allows Preloading

Recently while digging through the Xbox store, some lucky soul was able to find that you have the option to pre-load Forza Horizon 2. We can throw this reveal with the other secrets of Microsoft revealed through their store on the Xbox One. What

Resident Evil On Next Gen

Recently, French site Gamer in a Box spotted box art and photos for Biohazard (Resident Evil) Revelations (or revealaitons if you got the original copy where the name is spelled wrong on the side) was captured on Capcom recently revealed it’s plans to